World Cup 2018: Who is Mohammed Salah, Egypt’s football team superstar?

A pair of football boots displayed among the Egyptian artifacts of London's British Museum as if to put the star player they belong to on the same pedestal as the Pharaohs In just a few months, Mohammed Salah has become the most famous African footballer and the top goalscorer in the Premier League

At his home Club of Liverpool, fans have even composed a song in his honour "If he's good enough for you, he's good enough for me, If he scores another few then I'll be Muslim too!" Beers in hand and singing about converting to Islam Indeed Muhammad Salla openly thanks God after each goal he scores His success on the field seems to be changing at least a few people's perceptions of Muslims in the UK "Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah!" "We all have our own beliefs, and our own faith and stuff like that, and I think the goodness and the thanks that he gets to whoever he talks to up there is evident when he plays, and I think that's good

" He may be a star in Britain, but it's at home that his fans are the most dedicated In Cairo, his photo is everywhere There are no official figures, but thousands of voters reportedly wrote his name in on their ballots at the last elections His image also means big business for many Egyptians "Here we only have Mohammed Salah t-shirts! All the kids love him, from one year old to teenagers, they all need that Mo Salah shirt!" But the entire country's been on edge ever since he was injured during the Champions League final against Real Madrid, a few weeks ago

"The Egyptian team is holding together only thanks to Mo Salah, if he can't play we might as well give up, Salah had been recuperating from his shoulder injury in Spain and only just joined the rest of his team a few days ago Fans in Liverpool and Cairo alike hope he'll be alive and kicking for Egypt's first World Cup match against Uruguay on Friday, when he'll also be celebrating his 26th birthday

Source: Youtube