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hello, I'm carlos giron paez of football talk radio and tonight we are doing this short video to talk football this would be our first program of the year of 2019 that by the way happy year for everyone and that it is a year full of football we are going to have many things in this summer one of them would be the copa america but we started talking about football talking about what it has taken out in the first days of the month of January as we all know already Gerardo is Tata Martino is the new director technical team of the national team of mexico let's hope it is successful and that it can in the Qatar World Cup of 2022 can be a martíno make a solid team to get to that so desired so desired fifth game than that the Mexicans have searched and they call me several world cups in which the one that they haven't reach that much-desired match let's hope that el tata martino is the answer to what do you do from mexico a powerful selection and that no and that no they dont sleeps on his laurels as if they say good let's hope they leave it work either the entire press of the owners of the clubs for him to do a good selection of players especially if they are carried out tryouts of players in mind between the whole country of mexico would be a good a good note from the technical director of tata martino le we wish lots of luck and also we want to tell you how good the mls is the major league soccer here in usa from little by little it is filling up Latin American technical directors that it's the good it started good is tata martino with his work in Atlanta and an air gave him his first it started good is tata martino with his first championship to this franchise that is a new franchise and good and all the nights and the days they played atlanta united were full house so good from the point of view of bussines it went very well now arrives at the galaxy angels gustavo barros schelotto the coming is the director technical was the technical director of boca juniors and we know they finished second place of the copa libertadores against river plate game that took place in Spain but good having the influence already Latin American hope that from that change the mls in the sense that it does not not have that much of the technical part that is compensated with the physical part and with the strength that have already bring players whether they are only Central American Americans Latin Americans who are young who do not be players who come to retire to the major league soccer as they go with many stars that come from europe this we hope that I can open the doors to both young player who can come to stand out for the mejor league soccer okay we have another great news from another coach who is also in the mejor league soccer and that is matías almeyda el pelado matías almeyda who now he is the new technical director of the san jose earthquakes good he was the nominated the technical director of the year by concacaf so let's hope that matías have the same results or if no better than the ones he got from tato martíno and can carry the associations can make champions and champions and concachampions but everything requires humility on the part of all these coaches and a lot of work and as he says expecting to be given the opportunities to the players young ok there on the other side in Spain Messi and this last weekend he made 400 goals in the league 400 goals in the league all started that May first of 2005 where got his first goal to the albacate is the team I think they have to have been playing for the cup of the king that was in 2000 yes in 2005 in the 100 goal scored to almería the 200 to osasuna 300 to sporting so the 400 was to eibar this end of week so we have a lot we have a lot to see of Messi and still waiting what can reach the world that it's first that Argentina can classify 2022 to the world cup of qatar and expect to see it there and a player already with experience is true this day also was carried out in the first in the presentation and the first practice of a young player of 18 years old mexican diego lainez is that was sold from the club america and betis fc is a different young player let's hope that have to be lucky and can play true many say good is already Guardado is there will wrap it up but in the soccer you have to do it what is it that touches you as well let's hope he has more time that can play and that can demonstrate what that so far this guy has shown as I said is a different young player personally I would have liked to see it 18 years old has 40 matches at first perhaps maybe the option I had was to be able go to ajax which is that they are clubs that are known worldwide as trainers of players and have a program on ajax have good and 17 players of the ages 18 years to 20 years old so such maybe there they would have found more more time to play but yes if one has what the coach wants and put the desire to go out let's hope that be a crack in the betis ok now this Tuesday, Tuesday, the 15th carried out the announcement that we are going to have another another team in the major league soccer this would be already of the 27 clubs that find the new club or franchise is the austin austin fc de as in texas that would start playing in the season of 2021 without forgetting that already in 2020 we would have the participation of the new club that is the inter miami fc that are a lot things are happening especially good in this short that is not the date ofl summer where many look hiring true this is at the level of major league soccer of the great also in my country El Salvador started the championship and my dear club deportivo fas had its first victory against luis ángel firpo the score was 2 to 1 let's hope that they continue like this and that can that much desired cup 18 true good that was this is all for now to follow talking about football I want to give you the thanks for watching this video and be aware of what we are doing You can visit in our social networks we are on Instagram youtube twitter and facebook ok from now we'll see you there where there is a soccer ball and let's be there to talk comment laugh and sometimes we hope don't cry because it's just a sport thank you very much and we are there

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